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Mother's day


David's quiz game

my emacs config file

my tmux config file

my muttrc config file

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my contacts list(encrypted using Blowfish)

Python turtle programs

Some excellent work by other writers (send me a message if you see any links go dead)

How to write unmaintainable code

Executing in the kingdom of nouns

Object disoriented programming

factory factory factory

Java for Everything

Hidden costs that engineers ignore

Reusable software? Just don't write generic code


Programmer momentum

Simple is not the opposite of complex

The parable of two programmers


In Defense of Not-Invented-Here Syndrome

Vanilla JS - fast, lightweight, cross-platform JS framework

Advanced level reading

I'm a phony. Are you?

Blub vs. engineer empowerment

An example of the beauty of haskell

human error and simplicity in software

I hate JavaScript, part 1

Choose boring technology

How broken practices become standard

the website obesity crisis

The Wrong Abstraction

Kill your darlings

The magpie developer

The sad state of web development

Write code that is easy to delete

Object-disoriented programming (Shamus)

Growing a language (Guy Steele)

Lessons learned from 30 years of Minix

It's time to get over that stored procedure aversion you have

human git aliases

Thoughts on dynamic languages

The human cost of technical debt

The Lost Art of Simplicity

Bash redirections cheat sheet

Countering the Achievement Society

Minimal Viable Program

Seven tough lessons from ten years in bootstrapped business

The Best Programming Advice I Ever Got

Interview questions

Understanding Fake Agile

Simplify, then add lightness

Accidental and essential complexity

The cost of waiting for feedback

five arguments to make managers care about tech debt

All Programming Is Language Design

Server side rendering is better

Computers can be understood

Reflections on software performance

College-educated professionals are capitalism's useful idiots

Living up to your business ideals

Why every single element of SOLID is wrong

Speed Is a Feature

Awesome cold showers

Microservices - Please, don't

This world of ours (there is no security)

We need to talk about testing

Driving engineers to an arbitrary date is a value destroying mistake

As a solo developers I decided to offer phone support, and this is what happened

Pain we forgot

Back to the '70s with Serverless

We instinctively add on new features...

On pair programming

Reality has a surprising amount of detail

The true cost of knowledge

Some reasons to measure

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